All our destinations in Armenia

All our destinations in Armenia

Car Rental in Armenia

9.27 / 10


Based on 54 ratings

Average rating of all Car Rental suppliers.

"Das Auto war nicht vollgetank."
"When I left the car they ask me for 8000 dram because One scratch that we didn_ make."
"I am very dissatisfied with this car rental provider. The car provider did not explain thoroughly and appropriately the insurance policy of the car. We bought a full insurance hoping that it will free us fro all troubles besides the security deposit that was promised to be used only for police tickets and fines if there were any. We took the car up on a mountain and ended up leaving a few scratches on the bumper of the car which we thought wouldn_t be a huge problem sine our car provider didn_t explain us that even for minor scratches like that we have to call them or send them pictures of the scratches. While returning the car they told us they will need to hold on to our security deposit because of the scratches even though we paid for full insurance. I don_t recommend this company to anyone."
"When I order 5 doors car you shode know that LADA NIVA don_t have 5 doors -- only 3. the car came wuthout Aircondition."
"The car had only 70.000 km done but I had a feeling that it is much for older. The technical condition of the car was not the best one. The car made strange noises and smell bad. Ussually when a rent a car a receive a relatvely new car which smell nice."
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