All our destinations in Belarus

All our destinations in Belarus

Car Rental in Belarus

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"We ordered a child seat. However on the order from local provide a child seat was not mentioned. When i asked why i was told that the child seat seat was optional. But if i add the optional child seat at your site why it is not a required addition but optional. We was lucky that the local provider could bring the seat withing 15 minutes. And the second problem was the note on the reservation that we will be met by a local representative at the train. There was no one meeting us. We found the local representative at the train station office. And local representative said that they do not meet people only at their office. So this is 2 unsatisfactory services of your site. Also the we had a problem of returning a car. In original order the return time was 10.30am. We changed it to 10am on the manual contract issued by the local representative. When we arrived to return a car ther was no one meeting us. The representative is not present at the train station office al the time. So we call the help service and was told that we will be met by a person on the original reutrntime of 10.30 am. So they did not updated the return time and we were again luck to catch our train in time. So we inspit of the cheap price and a good car overall experience from how the order transferred and taken cared was negative."
"I ordered ford c-max _ but the service provider proposed audi a-3. much smaller car with insufficient room for our luggage . Finally I paid an extra to get audi a-6. Great car_ but not what I asked for and ordered"
"Thanks for the stuff when I receive the car and handover the are so nicely and friendly. Of shower next time I will come and get car from your shop thanks."
"everything okay."
"Good service!"
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