All our destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

All our destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

Car Rental in Trinidad and Tobago

8.27 / 10

Very Good

Based on 12 ratings

Average rating of all Car Rental suppliers.

"All excellent_ agent met us at Arrivals_ car was fine and agent met us at airport when we left"
"There were only two (2) issues. the first is i ordered a car seat for my son however it was not provided. Secondly_ I ordered a Toyota but got a Ford. the car was in very good working order with very minor issues. Despite this_ the representative was very warm and helpful so i will rent from this company again."
"it appears _ I was not given credit for the amount charged online_ please correct this error_ as I have overpaid"
"I have paid a fee of about 40 USD plus the 140 USD for the rental car. Where is the benefit? 180.00 USD even could be less directl with the rental car agency and no difference in the service. Besides that_ I do not have any official receipt from you. How I can prove my expenses at my firma_"
"I was quite satisfied with the services provided"
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